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What to do if you have found a stray mother cat and kittens:

Please see the page for What to do if you find kittens if you have only found kittens.  Uusually, however, there is a mother cat nearby.  If you know that there is a mother, the first thing that must be done is to determine the kittens' age.  But it is not just the kittens that need to be rescued.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE KITTENS AWAY FROM MOM UNLESS THEY ARE AT LEAST 4-5 WEEKS OLD. No one can give the kittens more than than the mom and they get their natural antibodies to fight disease from the mom's milk. DO NOT attempt to bottle feed when the mom is there to take care of them. Many kittens can die from people trying to intervene too soon. The best thing to do is to set up a feeding station where trapping can take place (patio, deck, etc). Have mom come to feed and when the kittens are 4-5 weeks old she will bring the kittens to eat as well. THIS is when you can trap both the mom and kittens. For more advice please contact us.

The mother could very well be “feral” or un-socialized, or she could be just a protective mother that was once a tame cat, but left to roam un-spayed and/or abandoned or dumped.  No matter the situation, unless the cat is compeltely tame, the best and safest way of getting the mother cat is to have her humanely trapped, as we do with TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return).  But the timing of trapping her and getting her spayed is very important.  It is possible to trap the mom and kittens, and if still nursing, provide temporary shelter for them until the kittens are weaned.  If the mother cat is tame and socialized but stray, see the page on What to do if you are trying to find placement for a found cat.

If you live in North Austin/Round Rock, please write us at: with the following information:

  1. How many kittens and the approximate age.
  2. What area do you live? (cross streets/major streets nearby)
  3. Any other important information you may have regarding the mother/kittens.
  4. Contact info - name and email or phone number where you can be reached

If we cannot trap for you, or if you live outside this area, we will refer to you the Austin Humane Society: Leticia Stivers, Feral Cat Coordinator: 512-646-7387 x245 /

The Austin Humane Society has weekly clinics for experienced trappers to receive free spay/neuters/rabies and other services for feral cats that they trap.  They can also post your request for trapping on the feral cat trapper’s board for all trappers to see and to respond. 

If you are interested in taking a trapping class to tackle this project yourself, (especially if there are other known stray cats in your area), then the following places offer trapping classes:  (Street Cat Rescue will be offering Trapping classes periodically and those will be posted on the front page, if/when):  - Look on website for upcoming classes or contact Leticia Stivers: 512-646-7387 x245 /

PLEASE, do not just try to do this on your own, or request for trapping help until we determine the age of the kittens and if still nursing

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