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"Arthur", Mascot of Street Cat Rescue, was discovered by founder Donna Powell, one cold and rainy October night, 2005. He was scurrying along the bottom of the carts at Garden Ridge Pottery foraging for food; some leftover morsel. She first saw just his tail, totally hairless, and thought how strange to see a baby opossum in front of the store, only to discover this "opossum" had white feet! She realized it was a kitten who was in great need of help. Heartbroken, that she didn't have time to rescue it that night, she returned two nights later to rescue not only him but three siblings as well. They were all infested with mange and undernourished.

                    Arthur Before                                         Arthur a few months After
Arthur, at four months of age, decided to become totally tame and affectionate within days. So he and Donna adopted each other immediately. No one would have thought how beautiful this creature would turn out to be. A gorgeous Brown Tabby Maine Coon, with a thick full tail — thanks to love, good care and good nutrition. He welcomes all newcomers that are rescued, is great with dogs, and is the coolest cat ever! Therefore, earning and proudly accepting the title of "Mascot of Street Cat Rescue".

And Arthur Now .....

Arthur's Tips

Arthur wants you to know that if you ever find a lost cat or dog, no matter if he looks abused, underweight, or in any other poor state, to not always assume he is an abused or neglected animal. Many have been lost, and are petrified and have been without food and water for days. Accidents do happen where an animal can get lost, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, visitors/petsitters accidentally letting the pet out.
Arthur says to PLEASE always run found ads — they are free in the local newspapers, including The Statesman, and on:



We have reunited one cat with her owner already, just by doing this. And we got this cat from a lady who was feeding this "stray cat" as she called her. She also went on Craiglist later to advertise her as "Free to a good home". Thank goodness that Street Cat Rescue intervened and was able to reunite this wonderful cat to her heartbroken owner — three months later!


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