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Street Cat Rescue adopts out rescued tame cats and socialized kittens from feral mothers. We have some wonderful cats and kittens for adoption! Because our kitties have already been through a lot in their lives, we strive to find the best match for each cat and potential adopter- being very careful and selective in our process. If you feel you have what it takes to give a great home and good care to one (or more!) of our cats, please fill out our application below. We would love to hear from you!   The cats we have available for adoption can change quickly.  To view most of the cats we have for adoption, click HERE

Our Adoption fee varies based on age and other factors. They range from a donation of any sort to $125.
The Adoption Fee Includes:

    1. Spay/neuter
    2. All age appropriate shots.
    3. Combo Test for Leukemia (FeLV) and FIV
    4. Flea treatment
    5. Ear Mite Treatment
    6. De-Worming Treatment
    7. Microchip
Our cats are fed an all natural diet which is evident in their healthy appearance. An all natural diet ensures a longer, healthier life and less dander, allergies and skin problems.
Street Cat Rescue does not adopt a cat out before it has been spayed or neutered.

The only exception to this rule is that we will adopt an intact kitten before 12 weeks of age, with the reqirement that the adopter sign a contract stating that he/she will return the kitten to Street Cat Rescue at the time of its spay/neuter appointment (which will be within 60 days - allowing for the kitten to weigh enough for surgery). This is only done under special circumstances.

Street Cat Rescue strives to ensure spaying and neutering of all cats that we rescue and educate the public on Spaying and Neutering their pets.
Download application:
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