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Become a Community TNR Leader in Your Neighborhood!

Street Cat Rescue can give you the tools to become a Community TNR Leader in YOUR neighborhood!  With the number of feral and stray cats in the community, it is going to take the community itself to solve the problem.  There are only a handful of rescue groups offering help with limited volunteers - so it impossible to tackle every neighborhood. 

Feral and stray cats are in every city, neighborhood and street.  With your help, we can make a huge difference in our community and have "managed" feral colonies throughout.  A "managed" colony is one that is spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and fed daily - offering a better life to the cats and creating a healthier and happier community.  We can achieve this goal,  but it is going to take more people getting involved: volunteering,  educating, and setting an example for others to become Community TNR Leaders. 


"If you build it...they will come!"  
This Video is sure to inspire you.........

How We can help You:

1)   Teach you how to handle the situation in your neighorhood - from neighbor complaints,  to any of the issues that feral cats may bring.
2)   Educate on the TNR (trap/neuter/Return) process, and hold trapping classes which include educational material and videos.
3)   Inform about the Free Feral Cat clinics in your area, along with their guidelines and procedures.
4)   Loan of traps, crates, and carriers.
4)   Help with recovering cats from surgery and taking to the clinic.
5)   If you are a Volunteer for Street Cat Rescue, we will cover most costs incurred at the vet clinic, outside the free services offered.
6)   Offer an experienced Trapper/Mentor to assist you during the process - including how to handle mom and kitten situations, hard to trap cats, illness/injury, etc.
7)  Guide you on how to adopt out socialized cats and kittens, including offering spaces at our adoption events (on a case by case basis).  We will also educate you on how to successfully socialize kittens from feral moms, as well as guide you through kitten care and when to take the kittens from the mom.

If you are interested in becoming part of The Solution, contact Street Cat Rescue today!  You may contact Donna Powell for more information at 512-762-3597, or via email:

Thank you for Helping the Forgotten!

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