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Date of Birth: 11/16/05

Binky, a female brown tabby, was rescued at Garden Ridge Pottery as a 4 month old kitten. We found her all curled up in the back of the parking lot near a little patch of woods. After investigating, it was discovered her siblings had been run over days before. Who knows where the little one's mom was. She is very petite and became tamed immediately, apparently deciding the "home" life was a much better one! She is pretty outgoing and loves to win people over when they come to visit. She is a small adult cat (about 8lbs) and would be a wonderful new addition to your family.  Binky didn't like going up to adoption days in the beginning so was overlooked a lot.  She's been with Street Cat Rescue a long time and is anxiously awaiting her loving permanent home! A must see cat!!!

UPDATE: Binky has crystals and needs to be on a wet food diet and monitored- may need subq fluids from time to time.


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